More Than Delicious Orchard is "more than" your average apple orchard.  While you can still pick popular varieties like Honey Crisp, Jonathan, and Golden Delicious, we also have heirloom varieties that date back hundreds of years.  Names like Bramley's Seedling, Smokehouse, and Hudson's Golden Gem may not be household names, but once you try them, you will start to wonder why they are not!  

We believe that an apple orchard should be just that--an apple orchard.  With that in mind, we offer delicious apples (available as both u-pick and pre-picked, delcious jams from Sunshine in a Jar, and award-winning honey from our friend, Doug Hawthorn.


We have all heard the phrase "u-pick," but how are you supposed to pick an apple?  What about do's and don't of picking apples?  Is there such a thing as apple orchard etique?

Here are some easy to follow rules for our orchard.

1.  Be safe and have fun!

2.  Please, do not climb our trees.

3.  Only pick from trees that have a ribbon labeling them as ready to pick.  

4.  When you have found "the perfect apple," twist it until the stem separates from the spur (the little branch holding the stem to the tree).  If it does not  come off easily, then the apple is not ripe enough to pick.  

5.  Gently place the apple in your bag and keep picking!


Some of our apples and pears are not open to picking (except by us). 



Some trees are more fragile, the fruit may be more rare, or the trees may be in an unusual location.

Whatever the reason, we have lots of apples, pears, and even some plums available for purchase in the barn.

Come take a look for yourself--you might find a new favorite!

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